How Hydrolife water is born

The concept of the brand is Clean Mountain Water.

"Hydrolife®" water is formed from the melting of mountain snows in the foothills of the Tien-Shan, passing through the mountain layers and taking the most necessary minerals from nature itself.

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Process of water production:

Automated, high-performance equipment manufactured in the countries of the European Union (Germany and Italy) is installed in production workshops.

  • Groundwater is extracted at the wells by deep-water pumps from the bowels of the earth and transferred to special tanks. The water is settled in the tanks.
  • After the water has passed mechanical filtration, it is cleaned of large mechanical impurities (such as sand) and raw water accumulates in a special cistern.
  • Artesian water passes through a water treatment line based on reverse osmosis, is brought to the required degree of mineralization.
  • Further it is disinfected from microorganisms by UV lamps.
  • When passing the water treatment line, the operator monitors the operation of the equipment for the composition of the micro-simenses. Computerized equipment also controls the water treatment process and, in the event of deviations from the specified parameters, the equipment is automatically switched off.
  • After passing the water treatment line, the ready water is taken for analysis.
  • Equipment for blowing out PET capsules blows bottles into shapes and finished bottles are fed into the filling machine on the air conveyor.
  • For the production of sparkling water, water enters the saturator, where it mixes with carbon dioxide.
  • And for the production of still water, water does not pass through the saturator.
  • Finished water, which has passed all tests, is fed into the filling machine, which pours the water into the bottles.
  • In the dispensing machine, the finished bottles are washed with water, filled with purified water and clogged.
  • Labels are applied to the finished products by the labeling machine and the date of manufacture is put on.
  • The packing machine packs the finished products in polyethylene packaging in accordance with the prescribed quantities of 2, 6, 8 and 12 pieces.
  • Finished products are stored in the warehouse of the production workshops.
Natural mountain water,
extracted in the foothills of
the Tien-Shan!
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